Thursday, October 29, 2009

Introduction to Rippe & Kingston Video

A short video was created for Rippe and Kingston Systems that discusses R&K's Systems company. We have placed the video on YouTube. Click here to check it out. It provides brief information on our services including our support for Google Apps with our clients.

Google Apps has a premier edition that is geared toward businesses. The application can help organizations reduce costs associated with e-mail and spam filtering, as well as, provide a wealth of new capability. Google Apps is all web based which allows access from any PC with internet connection for e-mail, spam filtering, management of office documents, sharing of office documents, web sites, video chat, voice chat, instant messaging and more....

For more information on Rippe and Kingston visit For specific information on our support for Google Apps, please visit By the way, the "productivity" web site was built with Google Tools.

Contract Guardian Training Videos

We are pleased to announce the availability of several new training videos. They are available from the Training tab within Contract Guardian. We have videos that range from providing an overview of the application to very specific features like changing your password and how to perform an inquiry. Report Generation how to videos are also available. If you have any questions, please e-mail