Monday, July 26, 2010

Automatic Bookmarking Feature

Contract Guardian has a new feature available called Automatic Bookmarking. Contract Guardian supports storing many document types that can be associated with a contract. If a contract image is a searchable PDF, Contract Guardian will place bookmarks into the PDF based on a predetermined set of phrases or words that have been defined to Contract Guardian. The process only takes seconds to complete. No manual intervention is required. For more information contact us at 877-751-7962, or send email to or click here to visit our website.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Annual Audit Email - Assist with Annual Auditing Now Available

The Annual Audit Review email module is our new notification application that will deliver annual audit emails to all Responsible Parties associated with a contract as well as the Annual Audit Evaluators. For the audit email to be sent, it must be turned by company and the contract must have the Annual Audit Checkbox set to on. The Annual Audit email notifications can be handy for a variety of audit activity such as a Joint Commission requirement in the health care industry. It can be useful in any situation where you want a multi-year contract to be reviewed by internal staff on an annual basis.

To have this feature turned on or for additional information on how to use and setup, please call your Contract Guardian Representative at 877.751.7962.  Click here to visit the website.

eTask Assignments Now Available

Etask assignments allows the user to send email that's attached to a specific contract. The email is permanently journaled to the contract and it can't be modified. Options can be turned on to allow the user to accept or decline the assigned task. The user can optionally include important attributes in the email by selecting check boxes. Additionally, email recipients must be authorized users in Contract Guardian and the contract favorites list is updated for quick access.

To have this feature activated or for more information call 877.751.7962 or email info@contract_guardian.