Sunday, October 16, 2011

How does Contract Guardian Improve the Contract Expiration Process?

Contract Guardian provides a few features to improve the contract expiration workflow process. When a contract is loaded into Contract Guardian it defaults to sending expiration emails based upon the contracts expiration date. In addition, the application sets up a default value so the first notice is sent 90 days in advance of the expiration date to the contract manager and or any other responsible party designated on the contract. The system then sends follow up reminders every 30 days until the expiration date is reached. This is an automatic process that alleviates this task for the contract manager. The contract manager can adjust any of these values at any time.  All of this activity is permanently recorded in the contracts journal which can be used for reference or audit purposes.

When the responsible parties receive the expiration notice in their email, this triggers the responsible party to review the contract and possibly negotiate with their trading partner.  All of these review activities can be recorded in the journal.  The eTask email web client can be used to provide feedback to the contract manager which also records the email in the journal.  The journal will contain a complete list of activities in chronological order with date, time and user stamps. These capabilities provide the contract manager with automatic features to improve their contract expiration process and provide documentation that normally would not get completed using a manual workflow.

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