Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Query Facility Now Supports Department Users

The Query Facility can now be deployed to users that are authenticated at the Department Security Level. Contract Managers can now add Department Level Users to the Query Role. All Queries they create including both adhoc and saved queries will be limited to the departments they are authorized to use.

If you have questions on this new feature, please e-mail me at jreuter@Rippe.com. For more information on Contract Guardian, please visit www.contractguardian.com.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Transfer Merge Departments, Contract Types and Attachment Types

Several new transfer facilities have been added to Contract Guardian. An Administrator can now transfer or merge contracts and attachments between Departments and Types.

As an example, a region may have 100 contracts associated with a type say "Affiliate Agreements" and 50 more under "Affiliation Agreements". If you want all 150 to be in the 'Affiliation Agreements" type, you can transfer the contracts then delete the "Affiliate Agreements" type. This can now be completed in seconds by the Administrator!

The same can be done for Departments and Attachment types. These features are available from within the specific table maintenance function.