Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Automatic Bookmark Process Feature Video

In continuation of our previous blog from July 26th discussing Contract Guardian's new Automatic Bookmarking Feature, we now have a short demonstration of the Bookmarking process. For further information see our related links on the side of the page.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where is my contract?

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With all the advanced features provided by the leading hosted contract management systems, it is ironic that many organizations still utter the phrase, “Where is my contract?”

We speak with numerous CFOs, Contract Managers, Risk Mitigation Officers, etc. and misplacing a contract is their number one complaint and often one of the key reasons for evaluating a system.  A close second is the automatic alert mechanism offered by hosted contract management systems.

Fortunately, Contract Guardian offers several search options in one convenient function:

  • By Contract Number
  • By Title (Includes searching on word boundary as well as a pure string of characters)
  • By Department
  • By Contract Type
  • By Expiration Date
  • By Effective Date
  • By Other Party

My personal favorite is not having to search at all.  This is accomplished by what is called My Contracts.  Think of it as a sort of to do list for contracts.  You can add and remove contracts from your list.  Click on My Contracts and you immediately see your focus list.  In addition, one can create user defined fields for searching.  With all of these options, we hope you never again have to say “Where is my contract?”