Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ways to Configure Contract Guardian to send Expiration Notices to your Trading Partners

Contract Guardian is typically used by our clients to manage supplier and service related contracts. Our clients use the application to send contract expiration notices to their internal staff so they can manage the contract life cycle to reduce risk and eliminate potential contract increases associated with auto renewal style contracts. The internal contract staff will work with the supplier or service provider to renew and renegotiate the contract.

Contract Guardian can also be used with your clients and customers. The expiration notice features can be used in the exact same manner as with suppliers and service providers. Contract Guardian can be configured to not only send expiration notices to internal staff, but it can be configured to send notices to your customers as well. When this capability is desired, the application is typically configured to send expiration notices based on the type of contract. Using the type expiration notices allows a different notice to be delivered to different contract types for the same client. Let's illustrate an example scenario: The user wants to send automatic notices to their customers prior to expiration and when the contract with this customer expires. Using the application to send these emails, it reduces manual cost and time associated with managing this process; especially if the service is a low cost renewable service our client is providing to their customer. You can have different expiration notices sent based on the type of contract. The advantage to using the application in this way is that it provides automatic notification to the customer with a standard message that may include prompting the customer for contract renewal or payment. It can also be used to notify the client that someone will be contacting them. This is a low cost automatic message delivery system that is triggered on a predetermined date or action to deliver a consistent, tracked, and managed communication to your client base.

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