Thursday, January 30, 2014

Contract Management Release Update 2014-01-26

On January 26, the development team for Contract Guardian released several updates to help enhance the Contract Management Software.

This most recent update of Contract Guardian contains two (2) new features and around a dozen performance tweaks and bug fixes. New Features Added:

'Notifications' tab to the Documents page that allows users with the appropriate permissions to toggle on/off various types of email notifications sent on a per document basis. Previously this functionality was possible through the 'Contract Info' tab on the Documents page, but we felt the implementation could be improved upon to create a more desirable user experience.

Added Account based announcements These are announcements will only be displayed for users under the account that created the announcement. This is in addition to the global announcements on the contract management dashboard.  A number of our healthcare contract management clients wanted additional granularity in the dashboard communication.

We have also added a dozen performance tweaks and some minor bug fixes.  Performance tweaks and bug fixes.

Feedback to Contract Guardian is available on every page of the application.  The requests are routed to the team.  They utilize Agile Development for Hosted Contract Management:  A few of the advantages for our clients include:

  1. High degree of collaboration between our client and the development team
  2. Predictable Delivery
  3. Rapid Change
  4. Focus on value for clients
  5. Quality and Performance Improvement
Contact Contract Guardian to learn more. 

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