Monday, May 18, 2015

What to do when a Contract Manager Leaves?

Are You Responsible?

Organizational turnover or just growth and reassignment....they all end up in the need to address the change in Contract Management Responsibility. 

If the person is leaving or they are no longer part of the contract management process, the following steps will keep you safe and compliant:

1. Revoke their ability to use the system.  In Contract Guardian, it is as simple as checking the Locked Out Box.

2. Transfer all contracts to another individual.  If it is a change in partial responsibility, you can transfer by type of contract(s) as well.

3.  You can now remove the individual from the system.  We also suggest running a report to confirm to management that the removal of the individual has been completed.  

Learn more about Contract Guardian by calling 513.977.4544 or request a demonstration


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