Saturday, October 13, 2007

Storage on Trial

If your organization is faced with a lawsuit, you could bear the burden of retreiving documents quickly. One of the biggest costs involved in e-discovery during litigation is restoring backup tapes and searching through myriad files to find the few pieces of relevent information.

A company should look at the applications that generate the most critical business records - financials, executive email and of course CONTRACTS. Contract Guardian dramatically mitigates that risk with the use of electronic vaulting (VAULT400)of all information that can be retreived from anywhere at anytime. This includes restoring to specific dates in time and not just current records. No concerns of locating tapes, tapes going bad etc. In addition, the journaling option provides a nice submissable log of relevant conversations and comments. If you would like to learn how our Managed Services can help you with your contracts Click Here.

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