Friday, July 12, 2013

Who has access to my contracts in my contract management system?

Generally speaking, almost everyone realizes that they need to automate the management of their contracts!

However, a number of questions often occur.  Here are just a couple of common questions:
  • Who will have access to the data/information in the system (internal and external parties)?
  • What controls are in place to prevent the misuse of data by those having authorized access?
  • Is there a complete audit trail of the activity on the system and can I view/report this information?
  • Can I show/prove to auditors who has access to the system, what contracts they can view and what permissions they have?
One way to answer the question is to provide a visual map of the the various groups, permissions and ultimately the documents that a user can access and with what privileges. 

Contract Management Role Relationship Illustration from Contract Guardian

The following are suggestions for your contract management role permissions and names. The role descriptions shown below are just examples. You can create an infinite number or roles and associated permission to match your organizations needs and naming conventions.

  • Administrator
  • Contract Manager
  • Contract Author
  • Contract Reader

Learn more about suggested capabilities and features by reading Contract Management Roles Document or call 513.977.4544.

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