Friday, August 23, 2013

Contract Guardian Expands the Custom Field Types

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Contract Management User Defined Fields

We are proud to announce the addition of some new types of user defined fields.  The contract management system has the following user defined types of fields for any contract type:

  • Auto increment: Start at any number and automatically increment each time it is created. (NEW)
  • Check box: Select your option.
  • Date: A calendar will automatically appear for you to select a date
  • Email: A formatted email address
  • MultiPicker: Select multiple options from a drop down list.  (You can define your own options)
  • Numeric: Allows only the entry of a number
  • Paragraph: Unlimited text box for all your notes/comments
  • Phone Number: Formatted for phone numbers (NEW)
  • SinglePicker: Select a single option from a drop down list.  (You can define your own options)
  • Text: A simple text box
  • Url: Entry for a web address (NEW)

Note: A user can create unlimited user defined fields.  The above are just the types of fields.

Learn more by requesting a demonstration or contact sales at 513.977.4544.


Rippe Blogger said...

The addition of the new field types adds flexibility to the application.

John Smith said...

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