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Contract Management Conversion Tip with Contract Guardian

Contract Management Conversion Tip with Contract Guardian

Notifications via email is certainly the default approach for most contract management systems.  However, it is not very effective if the email is undeliverable.  On a day to day basis, Contract Guardian automatically monitors delivery, bounces, click through, etc.  Obviously, those checks are performed after the delivery attempt is made.

Here is a proactive tip that can be incorporated into one of your conversion steps and annual house cleaning chores for contract management.  I will use a healthcare contract management environment for my example:


  1. One time step: Create email notification in Contract Guardian that is sent to all parties in the system.  This will include internal hospital employees as well outside vendors, etc.  Identify the email as a test and tell the recipient no action is required.
  2. One time step: Create agreement.  Link all parties in the system to the agreement.  Select only the email notification that was created in step 1.  Define the agreement as auto renewal with an increment of 1 year per renewal.  Trigger the notification 1 day prior to expiration.
  3. Automatic: Contract Guardian will automatically monitor for any undeliverable "hard bounce" emails that indicate  that either the hospital / vendor employee is no longer with the organization or it was entered incorrectly. 
  4. Annual: Make your corrections/additions/deletions and Contract Guardian is set to automatically do your annual checkup going forward..

Example of Rejected Emails

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