Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Contract Management – What to do next?

Contract Management - What to do next?

Contracts and their associated tasks change constantly. How do contract managers know what to do next? The Contract Guardian solution offers easy-to-use ways to manage, track, remind and notify you at every turn in the life-cycle of a contract.

Contract Management Dashboard

The first place is on the Contract Guardian dashboard that is configured specifically to the user profile.  As a contract manager, several important information streams are immediately available:

Contract Management Dashboard
  • Announcements – This is both internal and external contract management update announcements
  • Contract Journal Feed – You will see a stream of the most recent activities where you have responsibility.
  • Recent Contracts – The five (5) most recent contracts that you have visited are shown with an immediate link to the agreement.
  • Upcoming Contract Deadlines – Seeing a graphical representation of deadlines for the next 6 months can be very informative.  Example: A hospital contract manager might see the upcoming physician employee agreement renewals for which they are responsible.
  • Contract Profile Chart – All of the contract types are summarized into a pie chart with the number of each type being displayed.

Contract Guardian Primary Contracts Tab

Contract Management Home Tab
Contract Managers usually spend a majority of their day on the main page.  Here is where they can filter, search, sort and organize all of their agreements.  One quick and easy tool to keep you up to speed is your favorites.  Simply click on the star next to any agreement and it will become one of your favorites.  Now, a punch list of work is available without even searching.

Contract Notifications

Contract Notifications – Contract Guardian has some of the most comprehensive capabilities in the contract management industry.
  • Unlimited Email notifications with mail merge capabilities triggered by  core and user defined fields
  • Task email notifications
  • Work Flow assignments & notifications
  • Delivery monitoring of contract email alerts – read article Contract Management Software – After the Email Alerts

Documents with Tasks

Contracts with Tasks
Documents with Tasks Tab shows you all of the contracts that have outstanding tasks.  Click on the task(s) associated with the agreement and you will see all of the details.  Not sure which contract has an outstanding task, simply click on the tab for Documents with Task.  One can sort and filter the task by fields such as due date, assigned to, task type, title, etc. read article Contract Management Software – After the Email Alerts

My Tasks

Healthcare Contract Management - My Tasks
My Tasks – Provides a detailed breakdown of tasks that are specifically for you.  You can see the unique grid views that divided into Outstanding, Closed and a Calendar View. You can also create a new task from here as well.  (A task email can optionally be sent upon creation) 

Contract Task Tab

Hospital Contract Management Pull Out Task TabContract Task Tab –This pull out tab is accessed from any page in the system.  It will pull out and you can see any of your tasks.  In addition, you can select and close the tasks directly from the tab as well access complete task management.  

About Contract Guardian

Contract Guardian – Contract Management software has been a key part of our overall success. Hospitals and healthcare were the first clients to leverage this powerful product and then it spread to other industries (Finance, Technology, Legal, Government, Manufacturing, etc.)

Contract Guardian – Contract Management has established an exceptional reputation for client service and quality of solution.  Client satisfaction is fundamental to Contract Guardian and is our top priority.

Learn more about Contract Guardian by calling 513.977.4544 or request a demo.

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