Wednesday, July 2, 2014

ProspectStream Sales Process Management Software Goes Live with Contract Guardian

CINCINNATI, Ohio (July 2, 2014) - Rippe & Kingston Systems, Inc. a diversified information technology services firm, just announced that Ohio based ProspectStream, a Cloud Based Sales Process Management Software Firm, has gone live with Contract Guardian “Intuitive Contract Management”,  to effectively manage contracts, improve visibility, manage access, and evaluate performance.

ProspectStream is leveraging Contract Guardian to simplify and update all aspects of healthcare contract management and compliance within the firm.   In addition, they are utilizing Contract Guardian APIs to connect with their product.  ProspectStream will deploy the Gold Edition of Contract Guardian over the web, thus requiring no capital expenditure.  All aspects of a firm’s contract management lifecycle, including contract creation, monitoring of key milestones, and compliance can be managed via a computer or any popular mobile device.  “We’re extremely excited about what we have already seen in Contract Guardian and thrilled that they can easily integrate with our software” says Steve Farfsing, President of ProspectStream, LLC.

About ProspectStream

ProspectStream is a Sales Process Management Software firm that has been in business since 2008.  They developed a purpose built prospecting tool in the form of sales automation software.  In other words they apply a systematic approach to qualifying new opportunities while increasing the effectiveness of sales initiatives in every way. They are known for their systematic approach of putting the science in sales.  Their cloud based offering leverages best practices and with their breakthrough technology they:

  • Organize and optimize the sales process
  • Prompt your next move
  • Track your success.

To learn more, visit 

Learn more about Contract Guardian by calling 513.977.4544 or request a demonstration.


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