Monday, February 9, 2015

Contract Management - A Little Bit Easier

Contract Management - A Little Bit Easier

There are numerous ways that the best of breed contract management software aids in the simplification and automation of the contract management process.  Among them are:
  • Creation of unique contract types
  • Work Flow Assignments
  • Electronic Signature
  • Instantaneous Searching
  • Reporting
  • Comprehensive Security Structure

However, one of the most underappreciated ways a Contract Management System can simplify the process is by what it shows the user.  For example, top tier contract management systems allow you to create unique contract types with unique data requirements appearing on the screen.  In Contract Guardian we offer those feature and more.  Once example is the configuration of system fields.

Slide to yes or no and Contract Guardian will control if the system field is required for that type of contract.

User Defined Fields that are associated with a group of fields are called a fieldset.  This enables the creation of a wide range of field types such as

  • Auto increment
  • Check box
  • Date
  • Email
  • MultiPicker
  • Numeric
  • Paragraph
  • Phone Number
  • Single Picker
  • Text
  • URL - web address
With each one of these fields, the client can define the type, value options, default values, required or not and status of the field.  When these fields are added to a fieldset, they can use the drag and drop feature to organize the fields to appear on the screen in the sequence they desire.  This makes it easier for the user to complete the information since it is sequence appropriately, default values are already defined and it will confirm any required data.

A user can define a contract type that includes a group of these fieldsets.  Again, the user can use the drag and drop to put the groups of fields in exactly the sequence they want them to appear on the screen.  Everything appears exactly the way the user of a specific contract would expect the data to appear.  Any contract type can be changed after the fact if they wish to add a new data element, remove one from appearing or change the sequence.

We have recently expanded the control of the screen real estate to include the toggling of data appearing for a user at any point in time.


So as you can see, by showing the user only what they need/want  and in the sequence desired, the contract process becomes a little bit easier and more intuitive.

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Kenna Morgan said...

Great insights on making contract management easier! Simplifying complex tasks can really boost efficiency. Similarly, students often choose to take my class for me to manage their time better and focus on other priorities. Your tips on streamlining processes are invaluable. Thanks for sharing these practical strategies!